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wow its been awhile

 My brain has been eaten by the FaceBook bug...its just easy to post one or two lines instead of an entry like on LiveJournal.  I am going to try and be better about posting here...because writing is very calming to me.

Sapphire, etc

 So I went to Sapphire yesterday.  The weather wasn't too awful...it was hot, but there were clouds sometimes so it wasn't all day oppressive like it can be.  I MoL'ed the youth armored..it was very nifty to watch from so close.  Then dinner with friends that kept me laughing.  We had a spunky awesome server who kept us giggling with her commentary.

Ok, so I remember when this tourney was Diamond Joust.  then Emerald Joust.  The tradition was set up that every 10 years the name would change to another precious stone.  Then it changed to Sapphire Joust.  This was Sapphire Joust 11.  Wait, what happened to changing the name?  Sigh. Half the time I call it Emerald still because I forget, but still...a tradition is a tradition.

And yesterday I kept saying things wrong and calling people the wrong names, which is so unlike me.  It was almost like I was sleep deprived, but I wasn't.  Ah, well, I came home loaded down with lots of fabric...10 yards of linen for me, and 10 for a project as a gift.  And a nifty knitted pouch.  And a few little odds and ends.  Didn't fight at all.  Trying to get out of garb at the end of the day when  hot and sweaty and between cars in the parking lot because the troll building was closed,  was interesting,  Thankfully my friend Branwen was there to help pull  with both hands, otherwise I would have been stuck with my dress half over my head and my arms pinned.  That would have been embarassing.

So today is clean the house and get errands run, John  comes home tomorrow!  yay!  2 months doesn't sound like a long time, but it is.  It will be good to have him home.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

So I put the Happy Buddy picture up as a joke, because said puppy is right now curled up and sleeping next to me on the couch. Guess we have worn him out with our late nights and partying(heh).....Life is pretty perfect for the dogs this season...someone is always home and sleeping with humans either in the bed or on the couch is always available.

I had an AWESOME holiday and birthday. stuff and new year's goalsCollapse )

Winter break-finally!

FINALLY...winter break. Winter is the word....we are expecting 18-24 inches of snow tonight. I am as excited as a little kid. I can't wait to see it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whee!


Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! Enjoy your day doing what makes you happy! I will be spending the day at home with my warm snuggly puppies and my equally warm and snuggly hubby. He will be cooking us up a Thanksgiving lasagne from scratch as we celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary!

dog on computer

Buddy is all but asleep next to me with his head on the computer. Sweet little guy. Makes it hard to type, tho. Okay, going to succumb to the power of the Cute and close the computer and pet the dog.

To the heroes

 To all the heroes who keep us safe and free.  Thank you.  I am blessed to live in the freest country in the world, and doubly blessed to be protected by so many brave men and women.


 Need to grade papers.  Need to sew buttons on my fighting doublet(the ones are there are bent and trashed and it needs to happen).
Not motivated to do anything but watch dressage to music videos on YouTube.  Wish I could ride that well...its so cool looking!
    Plus, we just figured out that I won't see the hubby until Friday night after Trick or Trunk.  Fooey night schedule and fooey school schedule.

scrapbooking..sort of

 So Wed-Fri of this week I am in a training called Capturing Kinds Hearts.  Its about creating communities in the classroom, among other things.  Today was spent getting basics covered as well as getting to know our group. It was fun, but emotionally tiring.  One of our homework assignments was to decorate a lunch bag into which people will drop notes of affirmation.  So I got out my scrapbooking supplies and put stickers all over this poor bag.  So it was "sort of" scrapbooking.  But its fun and I am reminded how much I enjoy scrapbooking and how I can get lost in making something festive.  For someone like me who cannot draw, scrapbooking allows me to be creative with the joy of stickers and paper cutters, etc.  It not only helps archive photos(and I don;t even want to think of how many boxes of old photos I have), but it protects them and tells a story.  The next one will be my sister's wedding, for her mother in law who could not attend the wedding.
        It also reminded me of the scrapbooking projects that are still unfinished and yes, unstarted.  Just not enough hours in the  day for all the crafts.   Plus I began dreaming up new garb ideas in my head as I worked out  at the gym tonight.  Argh.  
      Sigh.  Its 10pm, time to snuggle with my now boneless puppy dog and watch House Hunters International.

papers, paper, papers

 Friday was a day off for Charles County, not sure about the rest of Md, for Maryland State Teachers convention...have gone the last 3 years as a union rep for the rep assembly(which is a scream!), but not this year.  Had a good day tootling around, getting French movies from Borders(YAY), etc.  made stew for dinner.  Yum.
    Saturday was spent at ACS Relay for Life training.  Missed the Dun Carraig investiture because of it.  That made me sad because the new B&B are really awesome people who I think will do a great job.  B&B that stepped down did a spectacular job, so they have big shoes to fill.  Nothing like driving to Herndon VA to spend a day in workshops, to pass an SCA sign with an arrow within 20 minutes of my house.  Guilt.  But this Relay training thing happens one a year, and I committed to it months ago.  And our chair could not go, so I was one of 2 reps from our Relay there.  It was positive and helpful. And at least the weather wasn't beautiful and making me want to sneak outside.
    And so today, Sunday, as hubby sleeps in preparation for his 12 hour shift tonight, I am doing dishes(done at this point!) and grading papers.  how exciting.  bleh.
Okay, enough stalling.  Back to work.